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    Default Reporting From A Very Special Place-Where Am I

    Couldn’t wait to get back from the workout, couldn’t wait to write
    Discovered it at the Black-owned gym, while exercising, and boy, it’s outta sight
    Discovered the real reason and it’s all cause a white

    So here I am reporting from this very special place
    Been thinkin’ ‘bout it every minute, night and day; always on the case
    Think I’m the only Afrikan really serious ‘bout saving our race

    Been a long time searching for some leads to this mystery
    Been following the trail left by J.A., Garvey, G.M., Clarke, Amos
    Jackson and those who wrote true history

    So many Afrikans left a hot trail, there are many, many more
    Glad I been following their leads, trying to get yt so we kin settle the score

    I am here-studying this special, very special place
    Gathering more and more evidence, there’s plenty to trace

    In this place is found plenty of negroes who front and talk plenty a jive
    Most are bent on not even trying to survive
    They all violate that basic declaration: survive so you can live to thrive

    In this place I stay on the case
    Trying to save all in my Afrikan race
    Don’t want to lose even one, no one to waste

    In this spot I found negroes who lie, cheat, steal and are lazy
    Can’t believe negroes do that to each other; negroes are so damn crazy

    A negro’ll read or write a book or even spit a poem and now proud as can be
    If that’s all it took for Liberation, we woulda been FREE

    O.K., O.K. running outta valuable time
    Don’t really matter, most negroes will always dig a rhyme

    Negroes in this place love to be so entertained
    Dey real crazy here, negroes insane

    Nothing going on in here but singing, laughing, and cavortin’
    Next step for most negroes is weed, alcohol and snortin’

    Have you figured out yet the truth in these lines
    One is that yt has committed a grievous crime
    Had Afrikans in prisons, chains and working enslaved in gold mines

    yt got negroes to do to each other messed up and plenty foul acts
    One of which is ignoring historical Black Facts

    The evidence proves yt is sleazy slippery and a piece a slime
    Cause he committed a most horrendous crime

    In this special place there’s confusion, chaos and a lotta mess
    Always hear singing, shouting, shooting, & cursing; a place ya can’t get no rest

    In this spot even tho it’s dark: everythin' looks blue
    Evidence is mounting and now I know it’s all true

    In this special place is where I could actually find
    In this frontier is where yt actually stole

    So got tons a evidence, all mounted by our Black historical team
    Let me put yellow tape around you, do ya yet know what I mean?

    Have you figured out where I am yet?

    I’m in a special place where there's no SUNSHINE
    Been examining it curiously- to see how it works- the whole time
    I’m inside YOU, inside the yt controlled

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