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    Default Energy Consumption/Climate Change -- It's not as "global" as you think

    This is an excerpt from a paper that I am currently writing:


    After the transition of our enslavement from the chattel period to the industrial period (so-called industrial revolution) the main focus of the western empire became the development of industrial processes. Hence we see the growth of the manufacturing plant. With this came the increase in environmental pollution – air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, and pollution of the minds and spirits of the exploited Afrikans.

    The greed of westerners led to the exploitation of Nature, not to mention the exploitation of labor. These factories required fuel, so fossil fuels were chosen to exploit.

    What are fossil fuels? There are three main types of fossil fuels: coal, oil (aka petroleum), and natural gas. Fossil fuels are formed over millions of years from dead organic matter (i.e. dead trees and plants) under geological pressure. Since it takes millions of years to form fossil fuels but they can be quickly consumed, they are considered non-renewable resources. That is, once they are all used up, that’s it.

    The burning of fossil fuels (combustion) results in atmospheric pollution. Whenever anything is burned in air it forms oxides of nitrogen (NOx, i.e. NO, NO2, kwk). Any time fossil fuels (coal, oil or natural gas) are burned it produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxides of sulfer (SOx). Incomplete combustion results in carbon monoxide (CO).

    Excess NOx in the atmosphere is a key pollutant which has led to the depletion of the ozone layer (the layer in our atmosphere which helps to protect us from cosmic radiation).

    CO2 is an issue because it absorbs outgoing radiation from the earth’s surface causing atmospheric temperatures to rise. This means that radiation (heat) that should be going back into space to maintain the Earth’s temperature balance is staying in the atmosphere and causing “global warming[1].” CO2 has a detention time of 100 to 200 years in the atmosphere. This means that it stays in the troposphere[2] for approximately 100 to 200 years. Although some greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are natural and required for life to exist[3] yurugu’s over-emission has led to current environmental issues.

    SOx is an important precursor to acid rain. Acid rain is not rain that has the ability to immediately burn through metals. It is really rain that is more acidic than it should be. Just like fish in a tank require a certain pH to survive, natural ecosystems require a certain pH to thrive. Once that balance is upset vegetation may die out and all kinds of consequences may follow.

    Although the environmental consequences of fossil fuel combustion have devastating consequences, the reason that the debate on energy consumption has become popular is not due to yurugu being concerned about the environment. The reason that this has become an “issue” to it is because its wastefully consumptive deathstyles are being threatened and because it needs to continue to control the image of itself in the minds of Afrikans.

    It must be noted that “global” warming was not globally caused . Global warming is the result of the over consumptive culture of a tiny, mutant minority on the planet that come from a place called europe (which is not a continent) and those who imitate them. [y]urugu are using its world-wide propaganda machine to project the issue of global warming as a global responsibility and to convince the world that it has the only solution. The sick irony is that global warming is not the problem, yurugu is the problem. So unless it is talking about group suicide for all of its kind, it is not offering any viable solutions to the problem(s).

    So to summarize what has been said thus far, the energy debate is as follows:

    The supply of fossil fuels is coming to an end. Alternative energy sources must now be seriously considered. Since the negative environmental effects of combustion in general and the combustion of fossil fuels in particular have been “discovered” we should take these environmental concerns into account when selecting a new energy source.

    [1] [w]estern scientists (under pressure from their politicians) have began to use “global climate change” as opposed to “global warming” because some will argue that not all places on the earth are “warming,” and that some places are actually cooling. This is politrikkks as usual because global warming is referring to the average temperature of the earth, which is expected to rise 5.4 F over the next century as a result of yurugu activity.

    [2] This is the “bottom” part of the atmosphere (on average, 11mi above the earth’s surface). It is this part of the atmosphere that has the greatest effect on biological species (i.e. humans).

    [3] Without an atmosphere the average temperature of the earth would be approximately 2 F.

    Akhu Yaw Kamau
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