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    Default FRAUDULENT Scott Sisters Petition!


    Nathaniel X Vance is NOT the family representative for the Scott Sisters or the campaign to
    Free the Scott Sisters and his petition is FRAUDULENT. Mrs. Evelyn
    Rasco, the mother of the Scott Sisters, has appointed Nancy Lockhart as the representative
    for her daughters. The ultimate last word comes through Mrs. Evelyn Rasco.

    The yahoo group started by Nathaniel X Vance is not part of the official Scott Sisters campaign.
    i have reached out to him in the past and he not only refused to answer my questions as to why
    he would not support the efforts already underway, but then disrespected me, rejected my e-mails and
    kicked me off his yahoogroup when i sought clarity as to what exactly he was doing!

    It is great, fantastic and wonderful to love these Sisters and work for their freedom. In fact, it
    was my hope that he could go ahead and get down for the Scott Sisters and keep bringing positive
    attention to them. Anyone that knows me well will tell you that i don't like no bunch of mess
    between organizers, especially online where we are trying always to do activism on behalf
    of those who are really depending on us to help save their LIVES and not be bickering behind
    some nonsense. These women have been locked down for 14 YEARS and do not need this
    type of confusion going on, nor does their long-suffering mother, Mrs. Rasco.

    But now, to create a competing petition brings a new level to this insanity and i must SPEAK
    OUT (and i am only speaking for myself and not Nancy Lockhart!) as this will potentially
    siphon signatures away from the one in existence!

    To be clear, the petition, Yahoo Group, Press Release (for which he lists HIMSELF as the
    contact person!) and everything else emanating from Nathaniel X Vance as regards the
    Scott Sisters is of his own independent creation.

    The petition for the Scott Sisters is at: Gladys and Jamie Scott Wrongful Conviction Case Petition : [ powered by ]
    The website for the Scott Sisters is at: Free the Scott Sisters.
    There is also a blogspot for the Scott Sisters at: FREE JAMIE AND GLADYS SCOTT

    Contact person is: Nancy Lockhart at

    Forward ever!

    Sis. Marpessa,
    Last edited by nattyreb; 06-18-2009 at 03:03 PM.
    "We who believe in freedom cannot rest" -- Sweet Honey in the Rock


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