Medew Netcher – An Introduction

The language of Kemet, i.e. Medew Netcher , is the oldest known writing system in African history and the world . As such, it is a storehouse of the earliest forms of African culture. Consequently, knowledge of our ancestral language is fundamental to understanding our culture, both continental and diasporic. As such, students will learn the basic element s of the language in its classical stage, referred to as ‘Middle Egyptian’ in Eurasian scholarship , within the context of African language and culture in the African continent and its diaspora. There will be a special emphasis on commonalities with African American Ebonics and Afro - Caribbean languages .

tristansamuels · May 12, 2020

Reading Material:

Hoch, James E. Middle Egyptian Grammar (Benben publications, 1997)

  • Main text book
  • E – book provided by instructor

Allen, James P. Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs (Cambridge UP, 201 0 )

  • Supplemental text
  • E – book provided by instructor

Occasional Essays and Journal Articles

  • Supplemental material
  • Provided by instructor


  • Cultural Assignments : Seeing the language in a larger cultural context
  • Parsing Tests : Focus on your ability to parse sentences
  • Translation Tests : Ability to translate texts
  • Final Exam : Tests ability to translate, parse, and make cultural connections


  • Basic understanding of what makes a language a language
  • Basic familiarity with the grammar
  • Basic familiarity with the Pan – Afrikan cultural context of Medew Netcher

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