Medew Netcher – An Introduction

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Reading Material:

Hoch, James E. Middle Egyptian Grammar (Benben publications, 1997)

  • Main text book
  • E – book provided by instructor

Allen, James P. Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs (Cambridge UP, 201 0 )

  • Supplemental text
  • E – book provided by instructor

Occasional Essays and Journal Articles

  • Supplemental material
  • Provided by instructor


  • Cultural Assignments : Seeing the language in a larger cultural context
  • Parsing Tests : Focus on your ability to parse sentences
  • Translation Tests : Ability to translate texts
  • Final Exam : Tests ability to translate, parse, and make cultural connections


  • Basic understanding of what makes a language a language
  • Basic familiarity with the grammar
  • Basic familiarity with the Pan – Afrikan cultural context of Medew Netcher