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Afrikan Socio-Political Economy [Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi]

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Afrikan Socio-Political Economy: The cultural, spiritual, cognitive, affective, psycho-motor physiological enquiry in the form of critically analytic research into the methodology historically utilized by Global Afrikan people to strategically plan, cooperatively coordinate and collectively systematize their technical modes of social production for the balanced use of natural and human capital in order to substantively and optimally satisfy the requirements of the social provision of the cultural, political, economic and military necessities of Afrikan communal society in accordance with communally synchronized, culturally prescribed critical systems thinking and organic decision-making processes for reciprocally-oriented, self-sufficient, strategic optimum subsistence, natural resource nationalization and strategic natural resource management in the light of socio-historical and cultural norms, mores and customs and with regards to the prevailing socially constructed international relationships characterized as power struggles.[FROM Forthcoming Book: Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi, Ph.D., Mtu ni Watu: Afrikan-centered Socio-Political Economy, An Introduction to Afrikan Systematic Socio-Political Economics (Iringa, Tanzania: University of New Timbuktu SBЗ/Seba Press, 2016)]

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Abibitumi Kasa is a global website, app, forum and think tank created by and for Afrikan=Black people. Abibitumi Kasa is dedicated to the complete and total liberation of Kmt ‘Afrikan=Black people’ and modern Kmt ‘the land(s) of Afrikan=Black people’ throughout the Afrikan=Black world from under domination by Eurasians including, but not limited to: (white) Americans, Arabs, Israelis, British, French, Belgians, Afrikaaners/Dutch, Germans, Portuguese, Chinese, Koreans, Russians, Indo-Aryans, etc. Abibitumi Kasa also seeks Afrikan=Black liberation from the religions, philosophies, ideologies, languages, militaries, economic systems, worldviews, and other tools used opportunistically by Eurasians to implement domination of Afrikan=Black people with the assistance of anti-Afrikan/anti-Black collaborators who propagate these instruments of oppression, which were designed to serve and protect their Eurasian creators against the interests and survival of Afrikan=Black people. As such, Abibitumi Kasa seeks to reclaim and/or create systems and tools designed by Afrikan=Black people for the benefit of Afrikan=Black People in the interest of complete and total Afrikan=Black Liberation, Self-Preservation, Self-Determination and Survival in each and every area of human activity including, but not limited to, culture, economics, education, entertainment, health, labor, law, politics, psychology, religion, science/technology, sex, society, war, etc.
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