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Every time I venture out into the wild wild west of the white suprematist world out there my Africa keeps shining and I find too many folks out there that are either still sleep or are trying to confront the ones who have their backs.... so I have learned my lesson and will save my talent, time and research where i know it matters ... here at home. I feel safer when I am here. I can express myself in the manner which I was designed to do. I have step up my game and get with the program of learning , sharing, doing and the responsibility that goes with nation building.

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About us
Abibitumi Kasa is a global website, app, forum and think tank created by and for Afrikan=Black people. Abibitumi Kasa is dedicated to the complete and total liberation of Kmt ‘Afrikan=Black people’ and modern Kmt ‘the land(s) of Afrikan=Black people’ throughout the Afrikan=Black world from under domination by Eurasians including, but not limited to: (white) Americans, Arabs, Israelis, British, French, Belgians, Afrikaaners/Dutch, Germans, Portuguese, Chinese, Koreans, Russians, Indo-Aryans, etc. Abibitumi Kasa also seeks Afrikan=Black liberation from the religions, philosophies, ideologies, languages, militaries, economic systems, worldviews, and other tools used opportunistically by Eurasians to implement domination of Afrikan=Black people with the assistance of anti-Afrikan/anti-Black collaborators who propagate these instruments of oppression, which were designed to serve and protect their Eurasian creators against the interests and survival of Afrikan=Black people. As such, Abibitumi Kasa seeks to reclaim and/or create systems and tools designed by Afrikan=Black people for the benefit of Afrikan=Black People in the interest of complete and total Afrikan=Black Liberation, Self-Preservation, Self-Determination and Survival in each and every area of human activity including, but not limited to, culture, economics, education, entertainment, health, labor, law, politics, psychology, religion, science/technology, sex, society, war, etc.
The Revolution Will Not be anglicized!!!
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