DeReef F. Jamison ([email protected]) teaches Africana Studies at Savannah State University. His research interests are Africana intellectual history and social/political thought, the intellectual history and diasporic connections of Africana social science, the social/psychological aspects of oppression in the African diaspora and the social/political dynamics of race and racism. He has published articles in The Journal of African American Studies, The Griot, The Journal of Pan African Studies and Race, Class and Gender.

The purpose of this examination is to show how particular social theories advanced by Amos Wilson serve to encourage a viable model from which Africana psychology can build and develop a heuristic research agenda that yields practical results for improving the quality of life experienced by people of African descent. Focus will center on Wilson’s explorative excursion into the realm of education, Black-on-Black violence, psychohistory, and liberation psychology.

Keywords: Amos Wilson, Liberation Psychology, African-centered psychology, Psychology of

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