Lk on Bukki's Back

Once, Bukki the Hyena and Lk the Hare were both seeking the hand of the kings beautiful daughter. Bukki got to the palace first, and the King agreed to let him marry the princess. When Lk arrived asking for her hand in marriage, the king said,

Too late, I just gave her to the hyena. Lk, clever as he was, asked,

Oh, but do you know, sire, that your new son-in-law is nothing but a horse?

Oh no! A horse! If what you say is true, I am taking back my daughter. So Lk went home and went to bed. He told his family,

If anyone asks for me, tell them Im sick. Meanwhile, Bukki went to the palace to pick up his new wife, but the king said,

Your rival Lk told me that you are a horse. Bukki became angry, saying,

Curse that hare! Im going to bring him here. If hes lying, you must punish him. At Lks house, Bukki found the hare in bed.

Lk! You told the king that Im a horse! You are truly troublesome. Lets go to the King, where you are going to repeat your comment to my face.

Bukki, dont bother me! Im sick and dying. I cant even walk.

Oh no you dont! Thats not going to get you out of coming to the palace. Come on, Im going to carry you on my back. So the hyena got down on all fours and Lk climbed onto his hairy back. When they arrived at the palace, they found the king seated on his throne.

Here is the liar, cried Bukki. Now you must make your judgement. The king answered,

Bukki, I can see with my own two eyes that you're nothing but a horse after all. And I certainly cant let my daughter marry a horse! As for your rider, Lk, who told me the truth -- I offer my daughter's hand in marriage to him. The hyena started to cry and went home.

Weddi gis bokku ca.
You cannot deny what you see with your own two eyes.