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    Thread: swindlers list( a poem)

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      swindlers list( a poem)

      . rest in uhuru baba khalid muhammed,now our deified warrior ancestor)

      Beneath the earths surface
      lies the bones,skulls and ashes of our ancestors
      where many of his story and her story were never told
      or seen on tv,because would probably face censorship.

      it is the story of many afrikans
      yes baba khalid muhammed
      they have their chindlers list
      we have our swindlers list,

      lets talk about the afrikans who were fed to the sharks
      men and women who were of age and deemed not good for labour
      lets talk about the slave babies who were fed to aligators as live baits
      lets talk about how many lives were lost during the persian invasion of ancient
      egypt and the greco roman empire invasion of africa,
      yes indeed,nana john henri clark said" arabs are bastard children ofa bastard children"

      lets talk about the women and children who were beaten,tortured during the trans saharan slave trade, the young afrikan boys who were castrated in order to become enouchs and the women who were raped,tortured by the almoravids,
      the pillage of the libraries and school of Alexandria,

      lets talk about the namibia genocide
      how many lives were lost
      lets talk about the terror and horror of king leopolds ghost in kongo
      where thirty five million lives were lost,
      how many lives were lost during the lynchings,burnings and castrations
      how many lives were lost during the tuskegee study
      how many lives have been purposedly injected with aids?hiv virus in kongo

      lets talk about the freshly afrikan body parts being cut and sold as a delicacy for europeans in africa, in this very moment
      lets talk about those who have been victim of police brutality and those who continue to die,
      lets talk about the bombing of the move 9 at osage ave,
      how many afrikans died during apartheid era in south africa
      where israel,amerikkka and britain were involved

      how many lives didnt Robert gallo kill!?
      lets talk about the death of anthony walker in the uk
      who had an axe drove to his skull
      how many afrikans didnt the british kill during their invasion of afrika
      yes,they have their chindlers list,we have our swindlers list!
      they have silenced khalid muhammed
      and put mumia abu jamal in jail

      how many afrikans have not died and continue to die
      lets talk about when the british invaded ethiopia
      and melenek the second defended his country with honour and valour
      how many didnt die in that war.

      lets talk about the GENOCIDE IN DAFFUR
      where innocent southern sudanese women are being
      raped,tortured and maimed by janjaweed rebels
      all in the name of holly Q'URAN

      lets talk about how many afrikan children were kidnapped by those
      child molestors,pedophiles,the jesuits,brought to catholic monasteries
      stolen from their embraces,those who spoke against the order were tortured
      and dissapeared without a trace, no one knew their fate,

      Rwanda is just a cover up by the western powers and the secret hands of belgiums
      swept under the rug,yes baba khalid muhammed the plot thickens
      who will stop the genocide

      and who will stop the war
      on afrikan babies,
      they are being attacked even before they are born or preconceived

      lets talk about the children that mysteriously dissapeared after katrina
      you have your chindlers list,we have our swindlers lists,
      it has been more than 600 000 billion lives lost during four centuries
      the japanese have got compesation,fake ass jews have got compesation
      why havent we!?

      lets talk about those afrikans who are being bought as slaves in mauritania and Sudan
      kidnapped by white arabs and forced to work under slave labour and sold across other middle east countries while still in bondage,all the name of the holly q'uran
      how many afrikan lives didnt die during the christian crusades and the islamic incursion
      of 600 to 700 ad.

      you have your chindlers list,we have our swindlers list
      lets talk about those who were hung,lynched and castrated
      dragged by cars,those who had iron prods stuck in their genital organs
      whose testes were cut off.
      Last edited by kweku, afro olmec; 02-25-2009 at 05:04 AM.
      "A people losing sight of their origins are dead, a people deaf to purposes are lost. Under fertile rain, in scorching sunshine there is no difference: their bodies are mere corpses, awaiting final burial." ~ Two Thousand Seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah

      " white people are nothing special to my african eyes" kola boof

      Kwa Jina La Mwenyezi Mungu Mwingi wa Rahema Mwenye Kurahemu - Swahili

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