rape,torture and among other things occured,forced miscegenation specially in brazil:blackicon_cry:

Afro-Latinos :

Some people of African origin first arrived in the Americas with
the Spanish and Portuguese in the 15th and 16th centuries. For
example, Pedro Alonso Niño, traditionally considered the first of
many New World explorers of African descent [7] was a navigator in
the 1492 Columbus expedition. Those who were directly from Africa
mostly arrived in Latin America as part of the Atlantic slave trade,
as agricultural, domestic, and menial laborers and as mineworkers.
They were also employed in mapping and exploration (for example,
Estevanico) and were even involved in conquest (for example, Juan
Valiente). They were mostly brought from West Africa and Central
Africa in what are now the nations of Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Angola,
and Congo, There are three major groups: the Yoruba, Akan, and the
Bantu. Most of the enslaved Africans were sent to Brazil, Peru, and
the Caribbean, but lesser numbers went to Colombia and Venezuela.

Countries with significant black, mulatto, or zambo populations
today include Brazil (86 million), Colombia (10 million), Haiti (8.7
million), Dominican Republic (4 million), Cuba (up to 4 million), and
Puerto Rico (20%-46%). Recent genetic research in UPR Mayaguez has
brought to light that 26.4% of Puerto Ricans have African heritage on
the X chromosome and 20% on the Y chromosome, thus between 20%-46% of
the Puerto Rican population has African heritage.

The mix of these African cultures with the Spanish, Portuguese,
French, and indigenous cultures of Latin America has produced many
unique forms of language (e.g., Palenquero, Garífuna and Creole),
religions (e.g., Candomblé, Abakuá, Santería, Lucumi and Vodou),
music (e.g., kompa, salsa, bachata, cumbia, Palo de Mayo, plena),
samba, martial arts (capoeira) and dance (rumba, merengue).

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