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I received late the details information of migrants rights abuses case posted on 13/03/2009, from the source due to the fact that, they have their ghetto outskirts of Oujda in the open desert without light or water.They used to trek for one hour to the main town,Oujda before charging their mobiles,access to internet and fetch water. Below is the details.

According to the source,the security agent came on Friday,6 March 2009, around 5.30pm in the evening,with about fifty Royale Gendarmerie and raided,burnt,loots,raped and succeeded in killing a 2-week-old baby girl.The mother of the baby,name withheld, a 27years old Nigerian lady.Most of the victims are scared to come forward due to their immigration status,hence they are African migrants deportees from various cities in Morocco.

This is beyond propaganda because,according to the same source,the Morocco Royale Gendarmerie visited another newly errected ghetto again around 6.00am while migrants were still sleeping on saturday, 21 March, 2009, barely a week after the first invasion.

Royal Gendarmerie Raided Migrants Ghetto In Oujda,Raped,Loots and Killed 2-Weeks Old Baby.

Reports reaching Concerned Migrants Group(C-M-G)Worldwide from one of the eyes witness at the scene of the incident in Oujda,Morocco was that,Morocco Royal Gendarmerie officials stormed migrants ghetto in Oujda last week, raped, loot, burnt the ghetto and killed a-two-week old baby during the raiding which lasted for some hours while the dead body was hurriedly buried to cover face.

According to the source,the mother of the baby and other witnesses are available for further verification.This need addressing because the mistreatment of undocumented sub-saharan African migrants in morrocco is on the rise.

For:Concerned Migrants Group(C-M-G)Worldwide.
Prince R.A.Adegoke Fusigboye.