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    Thread: Today's Ifa/Orisa-Ala oun Ore re Epo Pupa

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      Fekuni (Member) Live Chat
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      Default Today's Ifa/Orisa-Ala oun Ore re Epo Pupa

      A Friendship Between Ala and Epo Pupa (Ala oun Ore re Epo Pupa)
      By Chief FAMA
      [email protected]

      A verse of an Odu Ifa says in part:
      A difa fun epo tii se ore ala
      Won ni ki ala rubo, ki epo ma ba ba tire je
      Ala rubo

      Divined for epo pupa (red palm oil) who was *ala's friend
      Ala was told to make ebo to avoid being ruined by epo pupa
      Ala made the ebo….

      Life and its intricate and astonishing weaves can sometimes leave one perplexed. Would it not have been really nice to live an extraordinarily peaceful and harmonious life that is devoid of the usual melancholic disappointments? Were that to happen, it would have been Odumare's best gift to humanity--his (perhaps her) own creation. We pray to Odumare for ire, and wish for good fortune in our minds and with our might. We pray for love and wish for good relationship and friendship. Most of us, or all of us, pray for long life and wish for good health with which to enjoy the desired long life. We pray for children but wish for good children. Globally, there is no denying the influence of money in humans' lives, as such, Odumare is daily bombarded with prayers for money, I guess, every second all over the world; hopefully, the wish would be for good, untainted money.

      Money seems to be the bedrock of living, and it has become the standard with which success is measured. Ironically, the road to money is most times narrow, not straight. The narrow and challenging road to money—success, actually—is sometimes also laced with new challenges: sentiments borne out of different reasoning. Such was the case of epo pupa, ala's friend. Epo pupa played a role in ala's eventual growth from where they were when they first started their friendship. Ala 's relationship with his friend epo pupa never changed, ala remained loyal to epo pupa. Ifa always reminds us that change is the only thing that is constant in humans' lives. Ala and epo pupa's friendship is a reminder of that change that is constant. When things changed for ala, epo pupa changed, too: epo pupa was determined to ruin ala. Whether it was destiny with the support of ebo, or good reasoning with the support of ebo, ala prevailed over the evilness from his old ally.

      As it was in ancient time, so it is in our twenty first century existence. But, we can make good use of this same energy, change, the only phenomenon that is constant, by embracing each other with love, supporting each other honestly, dealing with each with grace, and empowering each other at all times. We should remember that our collective success in Orisa worship will be an inspiration to the future of Orisa worship; plus, it would be our contribution to the spiritual health, empowerment, and the general well being of humanity, long after we might have left the stage.

      So, today being Ose Ifa (Isan Ifa), we should go before Ifa and pour a generous amount of epo pupa to Ifa and Esu Odara, in particular. While doing that, we should remember that the epo pupa in reference in the above Ifa stanza was deliberately personified for the purpose of Ifa's teaching, as such, it should not be misconstrued to mean epo pupa in general. Also, we should remember to offer obi abata meji, orogbo meji, omi tutu, ataare, ireke (sugarcane), eso (fruits), ori (shea butter), igbin (snail), agbon (coconut), and oti (liquor)—a list of some of the not-too-expensive but easily available things that can be offered, according to respective protocols, to the Orisas. Above all, we should approach the Orisas with our purity of heart; concentrate on the positive, dialogue with the Orisas, and ask Odumare for everything we need and want. We should pray for the good health of Orisa Worship, and wealth for us omo Orisas, ASE! Awa ji ire ni oni o (we wake up with ire today—"Good Morning"). Ase.

      Contributions, comments, or reactions to this post should be forwarded directly to the author of the post, Chief FAMA, at [email protected] or by subscription to [email protected] Also, visit Ileorunmila. com, Orisa's cyber parlor (Gbagede Orisa), for further discussions on Ifa and the Orisas.

      Ire O !
      Apetebi Yeye Olomitutu
      Ire O !
      Yeye Olomitutu Ọṣun Oṣogbo
      Ọja ọmọ Ewi L'Ado
      Ọmọ Ọlọṣẹ t'akọ t'abo

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      Default Re: Today's Ifa/Orisa-Ala oun Ore re Epo Pupa

      Instead of asking for more money (which causes so many problems) maybe we should ask Odumare to releive us from the want and need for money. The money masters have the world enslaved through money. So maybe the fact that we don't have "enough money" is Oldumare's way of telling us that we are asking for the wrong thing. Should we not creat a new paradigm for ourselves in which we are liverated from the yoke of money?

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