This response to the BBC's campaign to disguise the source of Africa's poverty and somehow say we squanderd all our wonderful opportunity for development and thereby totally WHITEWASH their historical responsibility, colonialism, slavery and contemporary neo-colonialism in Africa is on point because in reality the author is merely asserting that "Europe Underdeveloped Africa" ala the history as delineated by Rodney and continues to this day under the monopoly capital's sputtering engine of neo-colonialism. Just recently the US National Science and Foundation and Arizona State University announced that they have discovered that Africans in the south of he continent were engineering, making tools using fire...and they announced that this means this was a clear sign of cognition on the part of early modern humanity...and indicates that Africa was the source of this critical human cultural achievement. The African can design and produce as well as any other culture, indeed it could be argued that the fact as we were producing splendor, value and utility first and effectively gave it to the rest of the world, Africa is the birthplace of human culture.

As the source culture, we have sparked the population of t he whole world, and as such I think we ought to gird up our collective loins and get down to the world of building a post dynastic Grand African Civilization, that will lead the world out of the mess the the European power groups running global relations and the global system, and their allies, including the kinds of Africans who betrayed African people down through our history for personal gain, have created for us, here is the article.

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Africa: Continent is Not Poor but Simply Poorly Managed - BBC

Kwame Appiah-Kubi
24 August 2009
Accra — A new topic on the airwaves of the BBC these days goes like this-"Africa is not Poor but Unfortunately Lacks Good Managers." Simply put, the poverty situation portraying extreme levels of illiteracy, hunger , diseases, deprivation and conflicts are the direct result of maladministration of our day-to-day affairs and mismanagement of our resources.

The resources of Africa are enough to carter for mankind thus the whole human race for a millennium. Ghana alone has silver gold, brown gold, green gold, black gold, blue gold and human capital beyond her requirements. At a nuclear conference in Asia, a few years back, the conference chairman described Ghana as "the small country with scientists including other experts more than it needs to become a "developed" economy", yet Ghana is still wallowing in poverty and deprivation.
When I was a young boy in the 70s, a Newspaper vender had written on his kiosk, in the central part of the village where I come from "the economy will be ok next year" as if it was a metaphoric outburst, today, 50 years have passed into oblivion and the economy has yet not been ok-ed or recovered. As to whether we shall recover sooner, later or never, is a question that must be answered individually.

Africa's dilemma is not different from the Ghanaian situation, so what actually is the unraveled myth surrounding Africa's accursed situation. In fact, BBC's "Africa is not poor rather, it is poorly managed' agenda has set me restless if I consider what the 1st President of Ghana, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said that -"the black man is capable of managing his own affairs" ...then I ask myself what did he mean if after several years the BBC is saying AFRICA IS NOT POOR BUT POOLY MANAGED. If several decades ago what the best African personality of the century said has not materialized or yielded any positivism for the other Races to prove him right? What actually then is the problem confronting Africa, such that the 1st president of the 1st decolonized Nation in sub-Sahara Africa predicted, the promise has eluded us totally, and there is no hope for today, tomorrow nor in the foreseeable future? What then is the way forward to enable Africa produce dependable managers who could provide the key to help resuscitate the economy of Africa from the poverty situation that has engulfed all her peoples?
Somebody whispered into my ears when I raised the BBC-Africa question on why Africa is not poor but swimming in poverty. He said, “.. look! Though Africa has been de-colonised, we Africans are still being manipulated so that the white race must feed fat20on Africa to ensure that they must be comfortable to the discomfort of Africa.”
Is this true or a telltale that the Blackman cannot even realize and halt further manipulations?
BBC examine the role the CIA played in the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah. Again BBC, Do you think the west will accept a capable African to lead and manage his people positively or the CIA claims about Nkrumah's overthrow are just boastful gimmicks? Only time will tell. BBC please change the topic "From whence cometh Africa's problems?

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