Today and Its Blessings
By Chief FAMA

A verse of an Odu Ifa says:
Ka ri ogun ma ma sa ni iyi okunrin
A brave man [person] does not run away from challenges.

Today is another day, and it is another beginning. Today is the beginning of another sequential order in many respects. Today will mark the beginning of freshness—as fresh as a newly born baby. Today will also mark the end of staleness or greatness that will acquire a new outlook. Today will mark the beginning of many inventions around the world. And, today will mark the beginning of some yet-to-be-comprehen ded, positive and great things around the world. Today will further the course of the unity in the world that started yesterday. Today will take us a step further in seeing our world becoming more and more like a village. Today will bring us closer to the period when we will eventually see ourselves as fellow humans without the typical division of race and power.

From macro level to micro level, we are all involved in so many things today. While some of our activities might be routine, some will be new. For those who will be diving into the unknown today, be brave. Focus your mind on the positive goal you have set for yourself. Remember that yesterday is history and today is here. Make the best of today so you may smile when you review today that will soon become yesterday. A ji ire ni oni o (Good morning). Wishing you abundant IRE today and always, ase.

Chief FAMA
Ileorunmila. Com