Yɛda ase papapapapa @Oluwole!

Thank you so much for your contribution! We are so proud and honored that you are a member of the Abibitumi Kasa family!

Asante sana for overs-standing the importance of Functional Unity and for being prepared to act on it!

Mo dúpẹ́ for making a priceless contribution to nation-building! Your encouragement and support is truly a blessing and a gift to help us all move forward, collectively towards the the Ultimate Goal of Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)!

Truly, without your generous contribution and commitment we would not be able to provide these BlackNificent resources to the Global Afrikan family! Please know that your contribution is what helps us to continue to feed Our communities the ancestral wisdom that is so needed on this Eternal Journey of RE-Afrikanization. Your contribution is more than just money!, it is a vehicle of True change and Sacred transformation that will carry us forward into a new age in which Afrikans will be the Rulers of Our Own Destiny. Please know that your contribution is what keeps the Heartbeat of Abibitumi Kasa Pounding! It is what keeps the Akobɛn sounding!

With Blacktasic Afrikans like you, we can be sure that Our Journey towards Afrikan Liberation will be one paved with success and prosperity! We at Abibitumi Kasa are a Global Afrikan family collective and you are Truly a Divine Example of the sacred values and principles that we Represent! If it were not for Afrikans like you, who make selfless contributions towards Afrikan education, independence and sovereignty where would WE be today?? The Abibitumi Kasa collective says Meda ase pa ara and we are overjoyed to have you here as a part of the family!

Please stay Most Blacktastically Blacknificent! Know that your contribution is a powerful advancement in the Journey towards re-Afrikanization+de-whitenization=Total Afrikan Liberation! Mo dúpé/Asante sana/Meda ase/Thank you.

Abibitumi Kasa Staff and Family!!!

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