Meda ase pa ara @kwamezulushabazz!

Asante sana for over-standing the importance of RE-claiming the sacred languages of our nananom! You have embarked upon a divine journey to restore MAAT, truly there is no better time than now to commit to resurrecting Divine Law and Order in our lives as Afrikan people. Abibitumi Kasa is Your Institute for Re-Afrikanization. Our people know this is Home, our people know that they can come here to learn, study and research the arts, science and ancient languages of Afrikan Liberation. So, it is an honour to know that there are many Afrikans in our midst that are devoted to one of the most important aspects of Re-Afrikanization!! Reclaiming our indigeneous languages so that we can really begin to remove the shackles of mental slavery, so that we can begin to fully detox from the crippling effects of yurugu socialization and terror domination, so that these diseases that have been part of US for sooo long will no longer control our everyday a never-ending plague.

All of you MUST know that this is a GIANT STEP towards achieving Abibifahodie (Afrikan/Black Liberation), a true testimony of commitment and dedication!! Our Nananom (Ancestors) were stripped of their languages when they were violently kidnapped from their homes and forced against their will to come to a land that would Never be Home. Others were forced through colonization that devalued and desecrated our languages. So, this GIANT STEP that our Abibitumi Kasa students have boldly taken is truly a Tribute to those Nananom who fought, bled and died on these blood-stained shores of north, south, central america, europe and Afrika. The sacred knowledge that you will learn here with us will Always be with you. You will be able to teach your children and grandchildren to communicate with each other and with other Afrikans- using the wisdom of their Nananom, and there is NO greater gift than that to give our children.

We at Abibitumi Kasa honour and salute the students of our Afrikan Language Institute Online Programs for you--all of you Blacknificent Afrikans, Represent the Eternal Spirit of Afrikan Resistance, Perserverance, Determination and Strength and you have take one of the greatest steps towards the Revival of Afrikan Civilization!-therefore all of you are worthy to be called Asafo -True Warriors!! Woayɛ adeɛ pa ara! You have truly done a thing! For embarking on this path of Transformation and Rebirth!

Ma ku Mbôngi, ka matômbulawanga za ko.

"The community's political institution does not borrow foreign dialects to discuss its' political matters or to educate its' members"
*Kikongo proverb*

Abibitumi Kasa Staff and Family