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Saturday March 17, 10AM-12PM EST

Cost: $20

Location: Abibitumi Kasa Member Classroom

Lecture by: Dr. Runoko Rashidi

Organized by: Obadele Kwame Kambon

Who is the Original Man?

This lecture presentation by historian Runoko Rashidi is a stunningly visual overview of African people both ancient and modern, far and wide, here and there.

It looks at African people as the mothers and fathers of humanity, and examines the role of African people as the forerunners of high cultures and the precursors of classical civilizations in Africa and around the world.

It traces the movements of African people from Southern and Central Africa into early Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan and India, China and Japan, Australia, the Pacific, Southeast Asia, and ancient and
modern America.

This absolutely captivating presentation incorporates dozens of Dr. Rashidi's most magnificent photos and leaves us proud, uplifted, motivated and inspired.

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As a supplement to the lecture and/or those for that cannot attend the lecture or simply want to show support, the presentation is also in DVD format for only $25.00 (includes mailing charges). The DVDs can be ordered here:

Recommended readings are based Runoko Rashidi's Global African Presence Web Site.

The length of the presentation is approximately two hours and time is incorporated for questions and answers.

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