Somalia: Tribal Fighting Kills 100 in Nation Regional State in Ethiopia
Jigjiga — At least 100 people have been confirmed dead and more than that number were wounded in tribal fighting parts in Somali Regional State in Ethiopia, residents said on Wednesday.

Residents say 24-hour battle between two clans dwell in side by side at Raas village in western Somalia which is under the control of Ethiopia, claiming the lives of 100 people from both warring sides.

Mohamed Mohamud Sheik Sadiq, one of the elders in Raas town told Shabelle Media that the battle is due to long history of war between the two clans fighting in the area.

The elders from both tribal militias in the conflict called for immediate ceasefire to save the life of more people to die if the battles keep going in the area.

Local residents expressed concern about the tribal combat as the situation of Raas town still remains tense. Both sides are getting reinforcements and some villagers began fleeing from their houses to the rural areas to escape casualties.