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6 Lessons

Introduction to Akan Twi

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16 Lessons

Foundations of Afrikan=Black Thought

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Learn the history and culture in the language

In our Afrikan languages is the deep knowledge of our ancestors.

Founder - Ọbádélé Bakari Kambon, PhD
  • Learn greetings
  • Learn introductions
  • Basic Conversations
  • Pronunciation
  • Sentence structure
  • Regular Verb Tense
  • Acquire an understanding of the worldview undergirding Afrikan=Black Thought and Philosophy and how it fundamentally differs from the worldview, thought and philosophy of others (non-Afrikans)
  • Develop an understanding of fundamental tenets found at the core of the Afrikan=Black Worldview and how this worldview has been manifested in African Thought throughout space and time
  • Explore the relationship between common fundamentals of worldview on the various and diverse expressions and manifestations of African culture along several dimensions
  • Become familiar with innovative approaches to the study of Afrikan=Black Thought


Every Afrikan=Black teacher was selected for their commitment to the restoration of Afrikan=Black languages